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recorded live at the moon festival @ t h e . b r e a t h
june, 11, 2011

during this special performance: nikko gray, a featured artist of “t h e . b r e a t h“, offers a rare and exposed glimpse into her love-inspired repertoire of songs. gracing a stool as her domain, she still gently commanded the atmosphere in this new airy concept presentation. it was a shining highlight of the day by way of a beautiful muse and artist, in her own right.

“I was happy to be doing a slower set because I don’t usually perform many of the songs (infact, twas my first time doing water on the moon)!” -nikko gray

* jewelry and copies of nikko gray’s albums (love seen and love letters to yellow), all handmade by nikko herself, are now available at :: t h e . b r e a t h . s h o p

nikko gray live . @ t h e . b r e a t h . (mp3)

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